Youth Ministry Statement of Values


In conjunction with Granville Chapel's Values as a church, the Youth Ministry seeks to be:


Jesus Centered

We acknowledge Jesus as Lord in all things. We seek to be Spirit-led, to follow in obedience and put God at the center of our lives and this ministry.



We begin in prayer, choosing to meet God first in the quiet place of faith and dependence. We seek to do our heavy lifting in prayer and to become intercessors for the youth and this ministry.



We extend ourselves to meet youth in a wide variety of settings and seek to be the presence of Jesus inside and outside the church, communicating the Gospel in the context of intentional relationships.



We position each youth and leader to experience personal growth and faith development by providing opportunities for progression in discipleship, leadership, and service. We seek out ways to challenge, grow and celebrate as individuals and together as a community.



We work to demonstrate the inexhaustible love of Christ in all circumstances, seeking to extend a sacrificial and inclusive love and to serve youth with humility and flexibility.



We are dedicated to becoming genuinely entwined into the lives of youth through avenues of fun and shared experience. We seek to foster an environment of shared joy to further relationships.