Granville Chapel has always held mission at its core

The church was planted in 1950 with a desire to reach out to children and young families in the area. A few years ago we recorded our history through interviews and stories from some of our founders. We were reminded of Granville’s missional DNA and rich history of innovation that has led to the creation and multiplication of many far reaching and creative missional initiatives.

Granville’s historical commitment and ongoing passion for extending God’s Kingdom around the world is also reflected in its long-term commitment to missionaries and ministry leaders whose reach extends beyond the City of Vancouver. Today there are many churches in the Dominican Republic who trace their origins back to Granville Chapel; there are also organizations that exist today as God has blessed the missional initiative, vision and generosity of Granville Chapel (including Regent College, Calling Ministries - Parkdale Manor and Blenheim Lodge - and early involvement in the start of Tapestry Church in Richmond).

Building on this rich history, beginning in 2016, Granville set its course in pursuit of a strategy that will take us on a journey from "missional church" to becoming a


"Multiplying Missional Movement"


We believe it’s who we have been called to be and are committed to create the conditions for the multiplication of more and diverse missional church expressions, continuing in the tradition of collaboration, partnership and innovation in mission.

In recent years, Granville Chapel has multiplied its reach through new and distinct missional church plants, one of which is Neighborhood Church, Fresno, CA.

Granville’s commitment to a collaborative approach to church planting is reflected in our commitment to build relationships with those who share our vision and values. We continue to give generously to church planting and have established a strong relationship with Vision Ministries Canada (VMC), a church planting network. Through our partnership with VMC we also contribute to and participate in a collaborative network of churches through which 15 new churches have been planted in the past 4 years.

We are currently exploring the prospect of multiplying further holistic church plant expressions in partnership with VMC, and (also through Granville’s support) the newly established organization Message Canada. 


We are actively scanning the horizon for the next opportunity. What has the Lord laid on your heart?

Is God calling you to join with us in this exciting Kingdom movement?

This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.
— John 15:8 NIV