Our vision is to be a spiritually vibrant community, transformed by God's love, extending His Kingdom in our city and around the world.

We Value


Being Christ-centered

We pursue Jesus Christ as the model for our lives and the focus of our worship.

Being Spirit-led

We depend on God's Holy Spirit to guide, transform, equip, fill, and empower us for Christian living.

The Bible

We believe Scripture to be the timeless, inspired Word of God by which He reveals Himself and His truth to us.


We experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit through prayer, both individually and corporately.

Loving one another

We provide a welcoming, safe and accepting place where people experience genuine community and extend our heavenly Father's love in practical ways to those in need.

Transformed lives

We desire to see all people experience Jesus' transforming love, deepening their relationship with Him, and effectively living out His plan and purpose for their lives.

Unity in diversity

We intentionally embrace and celebrate our diversity, woven together by God as a colourful tapestry of ethnicity, age, gender, marital and socio-economic status.


We encourage and equip each other to develop and to share our diverse God-given talents and spiritual gifts in our community and the world.