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Granville DNA groups

  • Seek to accomplish:
    • Character formation through the confession of sin in the context of trusted, mutually accountable relationships.
    • Reading of Scripture (individually and in community)
    • Strategic Evangelistic Prayer
  • meet once a week, or bi-weekly for 1 hour
  • are gender specific (not Co-ed)
  • have no curriculum or workbook
  • are peer-led
  • are designed with multiplication in mind
  • require no training

There are only 2 criteria for starting or joining a DNA group:

  1. A desperate need for Jesus (Luke 5.29-32)
  2. A commitment to the process itself (2 Tim. 2.2)

That’s it, they really are that simple!

Granville Chapel DNA groups are an invitation to relationship, not an invitation to another program or course. We would love you to join with us in this exciting adventure that is life in Christ - so that together we might become all that The Lord intends us to be.

For more information on joining a group, please contact the church office.