Our Staff Team


Andy Perrett

lead Pastor

Andy provides leadership, teaching, and pastoral care for our church community.

He loves playing soccer, skiing, birdwatching, and is a long-time fan of Liverpool FC. He also enjoys reading military history, particularly of World War II.

Andy loves to spend time with his wife and best friend Marlene and their family.  His favorite food is probably home-made strawberry and rhubarb crumble!

Email: andyperrett@granvillechapel.com

Phone: 604-263-4121 Ext.22



Paul williams

executive pastor

Paul provides leadership and strategic vision for our staff and church community as well as oversight and support for our expanding network of churches.

Paul enjoys trying new things. Moving to Vancouver from Brazil with his family brought a lot of "new" - like skiing, cycling, hiking and even the joy of running! 

A good night could be a quiet night and a movie with his family, or laughing over dinner with friends. His favourite food? Anything cooked by his wife!

Email: paulwilliams@granvillechapel.com

Phone: 604-263-4121 Ext.23


David Morgan pic.jpg

David Morgan

Worship & Young Adults Pastor

David leads our worship music ministry and also provides pastoral care for our young adults community.

He enjoys making music, painting, reading, learning new languages, and going on adventures with his wife and co-conspirator in life, Chandehl.

David’s favourite food is currently a Brazilian dish called Moqueca!

Email: davidmorgan@granvillechapel.com

Phone: 604-263-4121 ext.26


Darcie Mashinter

Youth Pastor

Darcie provides leadership and pastoral care for our youth ministry

Darcie hails from the land of Ontario. She is a lover of all things creative and is always on the lookout for a quaint coffee shop. She loves being near water, going on adventures, a quiet night at home with a movie and any time spent with her family and friends. 

Her favourite beverage is Diet Coke and she’s got a special place in her heart for pizza.

Email: darciemashinter@granvillechapel.com

Phone: 604-263-4121  Ext. 24


Mike Behfarshad

Youth Ministry Intern

Mike works alongside our youth pastor (Darcie) and provides support to our youth ministry.

He enjoys reading books, going on hikes, loves kayaking and traveling to different places. His favorite genre of movies is horror.

His favorite food is sushi, particularly Spicy Salmon Sashimi!



James Yu 余钧

Associate Pastor, Morning Star Church

James is the Pastor of our two Mandarin speaking churches: Morning Star and Morning Star West Vancouver.

He enjoys hiking and reading books about Spiritual Formation. His favorite dish is his wife's (Jenny) Fried Lamb with Cumin!

Email: jamesyu@vancouvermorningstar.org

Phone: 604-263-4121 ext.29
Cell: 778-896-7138


Jenny Pan 潘燕

Morning Star Pastoral Care Associate

Jenny provides pastoral care and support for our two Mandarin speaking churches: Morning Star and Morning Star West Vancouver.

She enjoys dancing, hiking, reading books and enjoying quiet time in the beauty of the nature. 

Her favorite food is lamb soup!

Email: jennypan@vancouvermorningstar.org

Phone: 604-263-4121 ext.29



Susan Robertson

Children's Ministry coordinator, Women's Ministry COORDINATOR, ell director

Susan coordinates our Children’s ministry, which includes KingdomKids (Preschool - Grade 5) and the Nursery (ages 0 - 3). She also leads our MorningSide women's bible study and other gatherings, and directs our English Plus program.

Susan thoroughly enjoys bike-riding with her husband Terry, visiting far away places and friends, and enjoying a weekend breakfast at one of the many cool breakfast spots in Vancouver with her husband and three "grownup" kids.

She enjoys almost every food, but a current favourite is dim sum at the Pink Pearl Restaurant on Hastings, followed by an ice cream at La Casa Gelato!

Email: susanrobertson@granvillechapel.com
Phone (Cell): 604-837-1103




Leidy provides administrative support in the office along with Ellen.

She enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends and cooking (especially when is a new recipe). After moving from the Dominican Republic, she likes to explore new things with her beloved husband, Jonatán.

When it comes to food, Leidy really likes drinking a good coffee and she is a cheese lover. Naming a favourite food is a hard thing, but she is truly delighted with Vancouver’s Sushi.

Email: office@granvillechapel.com

Phone: 604-263-4121

Leidy is in the office 9am-3pm, Monday - Wednesday




Ellen is one of our office administrators, alongside Leidy.

Along with her husband, Ellen loves exploring new places, recently arriving here in Vancouver from the UK. She enjoys country music, most movies (although not Salmon Fishing in the Yemen), decaf tea and coffee, and biscuits! Loves food, but Spaghetti Bolognaise will rarely fail to make her happy.

Email: office@granvillechapel.com

Phone: 604-263-4121

Ellen is in the office 9am - 3pm, Wednesday – Friday.