The EDGE: Junior High Ministry

Granville Chapel’s grade 6-8 youth community

The EDGE group of kids from grade 6 to 8 at Granville Chapel is a vibrant community fueled by a deep commitment to discover what it means to follow Jesus.

Our young students are on the edge of everything – teenage years, high school, new physiological and social developments. They are in a key transition between “the faith of my parents” and the question, “Am I going to really follow Jesus?” 

We want to stand with them as they face these significant realities and help guide them through. We want to give them a place to invite friends and build community that draws them back week by week and then sends them out on God’s mission.  


Our program includes two weekly events:

  • Friday night fellowship (6:30pm to 8:30pm)

  • Sunday morning teaching (10am to 11:30am)

On Friday nights expect an experience that welcomes kids to a fun place to enjoy with friends and engaging topics that intersect with their faith and their world. 

On Sunday mornings come to learn about your faith through bible study and discussion. We will talk about God’s big story through the whole Bible and how to make Christian faith our own.

These events are organized and led by our Youth Pastor Mike Bennett and our EDGE youth ministry team, made up of young adults at Granville Chapel. 

If you'd like to join us, or have more questions please email: