Granville Chapel’s grade 8-12 youth community

The reason we are called the Hub is simple:


we strive to put Jesus at the centre of everything we do.


We are a community of students who strive for relationships that are founded on more than just friendships or general interests, that transcend age or background. We have decided that we want desperately to know Jesus and to experience what it means to be deeply in love with him and to know what it means to be deeply loved by him.

To help implement this, we have structured our program around 3 key things that happen each week:

  1. Wednesday discipleship night,
  2. Friday night fellowship gatherings
  3. Sunday morning Community Hour.

These events are organized and led by our Hub student ministry team, which consists of our Hub intern, Alisha Burtchett, and a faithful group of volunteers. 

To get in touch with us, email: